A Report of the National Civic Literacy Board: The Coming Crisis in Citizenship
The Survey

To maintain and strengthen our republic, our college youth must learn about America’s history and institutions. Only then can they fully engage in their duties and obligations as citizens in a democracy. Unfortunately, as demonstrated in this report, America’s colleges and universities are failing in this most important mission, leaving significant numbers of students without the basic knowledge necessary for good citizenship.

By conducting these surveys year after year, ISI will provide a continuous flow of authoritative evidence that can be used to chart trends and offer solutions that will strengthen the study of America’s history, government, international affairs, and market economy. This report represents the first step in helping students to get the education they need to be informed, engaged citizens. Nothing less than our nation’s future is at risk. We must act before higher education’s failure to teach America’s history and institutions precipitates a crisis in citizenship.

“That every man may receive at least, a moderate education, and thereby be enabled to … appreciate the value of our free institutions, appears to be an object of vital importance.”
—Abraham Lincoln
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